Over 50 Years of Mold
& Tooling Expertise

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Over 50 Years of Mold
& Tooling Expertise

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Over 50 Years of Mold
& Tooling Expertise

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Over 50 Years of Mold
& Tooling Expertise

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Our best in class facility utilizes more than 10,000 square feet, and the majority of our team members are Journeymen Machinists and Mold Makers. With more than 50 years of combined experience in the injection mold making and machine shop industries, we are pleased to be a company with a mission to surpass quality and convey on-time solutions for all of our customers' tooling needs.

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Quality Mold, Inc.
A Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer in Chandler, Arizona

With over 50 years of combined expertise, Quality Mold, Inc. has been building quality plastic injection molds. We pride ourselves as a full-service one-stop shop with consistent proficiency in building plastic injection molds.

From product designing and engineering to 3D programming for plastic injection molds and full-scale manufacturing, utilizing leading innovation and development, we are experts in providing complex solutions. Our customers can be assured that we will meet their most difficult needs with turn-key quality outcomes.

Whether it’s class “A” injection molds, prototype molds or repair on existing molds; you can expect the best quality and competitive pricing. We specialize in serving all types of industries; design, manufacture and repair of various types of injection molds and all other tooling requirements.


Here are some of the main industries we have worked with and specialized in since 1995:

  • Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Construction/Engineering
  • Consumer Sector/Packaged Goods
  • Electronics
  • Food and Beverage Industries
  • Golfing
  • Government (Civil)
  • Horticultural
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Lawn and Gardening
  • Life Sciences (Biotech/Pharmaceuticals)
  • Medical Plastics
  • Motorcycle Aftermarket Industry
  • Refrigeration
  • Sports Industry
  • Telecommunications


Quality Mold, Inc. is a plastic injection mold manufacturer. From product configuration to the manufacturing of the finished mold we are Your One-Stop Machine Shop for all of your tooling needs.

Multi-Cavity Molds

Our expertise includes designing, building, modifying and repairing multi-cavity molds for customers who require multiple identical products. Give us a call or send us a request for quote, if you are interested in building a multi-cavity plastic injection mold in order to amplify the utilization of your existing mold base. The cost savings come in expanded manufacturing times, as well as on the Tool and Die side of the work.

Precision CNC Machining

Our precision CNC machining services are in high demand since we require our CNC operators to fully comprehend all machine capabilities. Their knowledge extends far beyond electronic functions, specialized controls, and the power button.

Custom Wire and Ram CNC EDM

Quality Mold, Inc. has practical experience in Electrical Discharge Machining work, offering Ram/Sinker and Wire EDM services delivering fine detail/surface finished products, and complex cavities and shapes. Our Wire EDM machines have glass scales with the resolution of 0.1µm. They have been extraordinarily adjusted and lined up with laser hardware and are kept at a highly controlled temperature and clean room environment, guaranteeing your segments are machined to their correct specifications.

Close Tolerance Spare Tooling

At Quality Mold, Inc., precision and close tolerance imply more than just delivering parts. Machining services in our shop are not finalized until the point that the job is entirely in accordance with our customers' needs for reliable delivery, product quality, and cost viability.

Prototype Design

At Quality Mold, Inc. we offer a full suite of prototype planning and product development services.

Take A Look At Our Diverse Collection

Please take a minute to view a small selection of products developed from molds that our team has designed, manufactured, modified or repaired for our customers over the years.